Monday, September 1, 2008

Russia Rising?

"We live in an epoch changing time. The end of the millennium, the end of the century, the end of the ideological era. It is all global border-lines, challenging us to just so global answers, large-scale reflections. However, within the smaller cycle of our Russian social life the obvious *volte-face* is taking place. It is going to be quite comparable with perestroika and “democratization” in its significance and consequences. In the ideological sense, perestroika was the transitional period from late Soviet, nominally socialist society, to the liberal and democratic model. The term “post-perestroika” has been applied to the description of that political, ideological and cultural model, which appeared after the radical break with the Soviet past and the establishment of the western capitalist market system in Russia." - A. Dugin

A brilliant photo of Alexander Dugin speaking at a Russian Nationalist rally in '07:

"Alexander Dugin, the leader of the Eurasian Movement, speaks during a rally of Russian nationalist groups in central Moscow, Sunday, April 8, 2007, with a billboard in the background. Several hundred young supporters of Russian nationalist groups rallied under heavy guard in downtown Moscow Sunday, calling for the resurrection of the Soviet empire."


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